Cnc Laser Engraver

Cnc Laser Engraver

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cnc laser engraver that elaborately produced by Guangzhou Dragon Machinery Technology Co.Ltd is bound to have a bright application prospect in the industry. The product is a complete and integrated concept that provides a full range of practical solutions for customers. Through the dedicated effort of our design team in analyzing market demand for the product, the product is eventually designed with an aesthetically pleasing appearance and functionality that customers want.Dragon Machinery branded products are manufactured in the guideline of ' Quality First', which have received certain reputation in the global market. The practicability, unique design and strict quality control standards have helped obtain a steady stream of new customers. Moreover, they are offered at affordable prices with cost-efficiency thus most of the customers are willing to achieve deep cooperation.cnc laser engraver is highly customizable with various styles and specifications.At Dragon Machinery, we would like to tailor the services which is flexible and can be adapted to suit the customers' specific requirements to deliver value to customers.
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  • 4 Factors Affecting The Engraving Accuracy of CNC Laser Engraver Machines
    The CNC laser engraver machine is used to engraver various materials based on CNC technology, it takes laser as a processing medium. The material melts and vaporizes instantly under the laser Laser irradiation to complete the engraving process. The cnc laser engraver machines have been widely used in non-metal industries, such as advertising industry, paper-cutting industry, wood carving industry, handicraft industry, etc. With the rapid development of optoelectronic technology, the application range of laser engraving machine is getting more extensive, and the requirements of engraving precision are getting higher. There are mainly 4 factors affecting laser engraving performance as below:1.Engraving speed,2.Laser power,3.Engraving accuracy,4.MaterialsIn order to achieve a certain engraving effect on a specific material, a certain amount of laser energy is required for the material, which should be regarded as the laser energy absorbed by material = laser power/engraving speed. Simply speaking, to increase the laser energy absorbed by the material, the laser power should be increased or the engraving speed should be reduced. As for the final method, the material and final engraving effect will decide the actual method.Not only the engraving speed affects the engraving efficiency, but the engraving precision also has a great influence on it. From the practical experience, items engraved by 500dpi and 600dpi precision engraving are quite different, and the engraving time differs by 2030% totally.Generally, users will take 500dpi for most of the work. Only when cutting or high-density energy engraving is required, 600dpi or higher setting will have to be used. Therefore, the actual material has a decisive influence on the final engraving effect
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