Industrial Spice Filling Machine Factory

The spice filling machine is suitable for all kinds of powder, like chili powder, masala powder, bean powder, coffee powder, corn powder, milk powder, etc.Spice filling machine performance and structure features:The machine adopt the screw pole putting material, adopting servo-code and the. microcomputer technology control is the main technology feature.

Simultaneous control, sensitive action, low noise, outstanding, reliable measure,speed quickly, high precise soon. Another it can display the measure counter.Standard positioning with imported servo film transporting system and mark sensor, super excellent capability for complete machine, perfect packaging.

Automatic Spice Packing Machine

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Automatic Capsule Counting Machine the Quick Brief Guide
How does the manual capsule counting operations fare?Not to discredit the hard work carried out by individuals for capsule counting, but this is a job of machines that can improve accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. Also, the human resources involved in capsule counting can get respite from the monotonous task.The addition of a capsule counting machine as support equipment has benefited several pharmaceutical companies and others. From loading to counting, these machines facilitate outstanding support to the production unit.Using a multi-task vibrating mechanism, the capsule or tablet counting machine helps for accurate counting of the capsules or tablets without involving human efforts.What are the advantages it brings to the pharmaceutical industry?We keep getting that lot of questions very often. Lets get a clear view of some advantages.Robust Construction. A stable, robust constructed counting machine helps in counting capsules and tablets without causing any trouble. You can check for machinery available with sturdy designs. Easy-to-maintain. Industries look forward to machines that are easy to maintain and dont cost too much in expenses. Fortunately, an advanced automated range of counting machines provides you that.Accurate Performance. As expected, counting doesnt have to be erroneous with the counting machine applications. Also, high-quality performance enables pharmaceutical companies to leverage their marketing strategy.Quality Control. Does capsule or tablet breaks hurt? Yes, it does. Capsule counting machines just enable swift quality control and reduces operating costs. With advanced machines for encapsulating, capping, labeling, sealing, and counting, a pharmaceutical company has plenty to benefit from. Also, supporting equipment in packaging machines thrusts the production quality to the highest standard RELATED QUESTION What is the review of CIPET, Chennai? Cipetoffers high quality technical consultancy and advisory service through its technology support services (TSS) .Tss is an intregal port folio ofcipetis highlights it's core competency by offering high quality service to customers in the area of tooling,precision Machine on CNC machines,design and Manufacturing of Moulds,tool and &dies for manufacturing plastic products,CAD/CAM/CAEservices,p plastic product manufacturing through state -of -the-art injection molding machines,blow molding,PET,stretch blow molding,pipe and film extrusion , standardization ,testing and quality control for plastic materials and products ,pre and post delivery inspection(PDI)of plastic product like PVC and PE pipes ,woven sacks,water storage tank,Micro -irrigation equipments,Engineered bamboo boards ,polymer based composite doors etc .Faculties are experienced and they also teach very wellOnly core companies are invited for recruitments toCIPETPlacement for the plastic engineering were good . all the students were able to secure jobs but many opted for higher studyAll the campus ofCIPETbig enough.labs are equipped well with best of instrument,collage library is very good and student can also make use of it.other facilities like classroom,seminar hall and washroom are also goodThere are hostels available on-campus as well as off -campus ,Mess food is damn cheap,food is not vary taste . Placement quite good.
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Has the Gita Led Anyone Towards Hinduism?
Hinduism is not an organised religion. In the sense that it was not founded by one single person like Buddha -ism, Jain-ism, Jesus of Nazareth-ism or Muslim-ism , Judaism et al. A believer of these isms owes allegiance to Aaramas, Temples, Churches Masjids etc. But a Hindu whether he goes to a temple or not, whether believes in God or not will still be a Hindu. Since Hinduism does not ordain it's followers to visit temples to pray a god and make contributions to that organization. For Hindus the Sun, moon, air, earth etc are gods and who offer prayers to these things, it is not compulsory to step into designated places of worship and offer designated prayers. Hinduism, the way of life, has its roots in Vedas, was not founded by one person. Similarly, the Gita, is an essence of Upanishads. I would not elaborate this. OK. If I am right, the Beatles, P.B.Shelley and many others influenced by Hinduic perception of life, wrote poetry appreciated by the world, without knowing that these were influenced by Hindu scriptures like Gita.nWhat about Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Rajneesh, Jiddu Krishna Murti, the flying yogi, oh. The list is unending. · Suggested Reading Why are LED grow lights purple? Theyu2019re not actually purple - they just appear that color to our eyes.The goal of a grow light is to efficiently convert as much electrical energy into plant (chemical) energy as possible. Since you canu2019t plug a plant in to an outlet, the energy must go through an intermediate state: light. electrical energy -(LED)-> optical energy -(chlorophyll)-> chemical energyPlants donu2019t absorb all wavelengths of light equally though.Chlorophyll absorbs a lot of red and blue light, and less green and yellow light (thatu2019s why leaves look greenish to us - the plant bouncing much of that spectrum back).If we were designing a LED grow light, we can see that a pure white light (all wavelengths) doesnu2019t make sense, because the greens and yellows wouldnu2019t get used by the plant, and would therefore be totally wasted. Weu2019d want blue light and red light for our grow lamp to maximize energy transfer.When we turn our light on, it looks purple. What gives?When blue and red light sources are combined, they appear magenta to our eyes. LED grow lamps are designed to emit only the light frequencies that will be best absorbed by the plant and those colors look purple (magenta) to our eyes ------ Was it right when Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel forcefully annexed the state of Hyderabad into India? Why did he need to do that? Did the Hyderabad Nizam ask the permission of all his people to rule his territory? Or did he rule the territory by force? His ancestors had just taken the power to rule the people by brute force and cunningness, because they could. And in Patel they met a person willing to use even more force and cunningness. It was a fair fight. Having a hostile enemy in the middle of your territory is extremely dangerous. That would have led to endless quarrels and wars. These wars would have neither helped the people of Hyderabad nor the people of other parts of India. By taking over Hyderabad, the only person who was affected was the Nizam, who had to live a pitiful life of a super-rich person after the takeover. The people of Hyderabad benefitted and same for the people of India. That means the dharma for Patel lay in taking over Hyderabad. I wish Indians spend more time understanding the Mahabharata. We keep many naive theories, which are all dangerous. While it is good for us commoners to be simple and honest, it is imperative for our rulers to be cunning, shrewd and willing to bend rules for the betterment of our lives ------ Which is bombing legally in Syria based on the current international laws, the US led allies or the Russia? The Russian presence in Syria is completely legal because they were invited to the country by the Syrian government.The bombings that are carried out by the US, France, Great Britain and others are illegal under international law, since they have received no authorization from the Syrian government to perform airstrikes on its territory. This has led to several incidents like when the SAA was fighting the Kurds in Hassakah and the Syrian air force started to carry out airstrikes against the Kurds. Then, the US said that if their advisors were endangered (advisors and spec ops who are also in the country illegally) they would shoot down the Syrian planes. Basically, the US was saying that the Syrians are not allowed to fly their planes in their country (violating their sovereignty) because they don't want their soldiers illegally deployed there to be in harm's way. It is rumored that one of the conditions that the US was requesting in the ceasefire negotiations was that the Syrian airforce should be grounded, which Russia refused to accept. However, everyone overlooks and is ok with this because they are fighting ISIS, which is seen as the greater evil. And while they were fighting ISIS some weeks ago, they accidentally bombed the SAA troops, killing 80 of them, and it helped ISIS to take several positions in the area, which were later recaptured the SAA ------ Why did the Indian Congress party keep alive Article 370 although it wasn't good for the people of Kashmir or for India? The premises that Article 370 was not good for the people of Kashmir or for India is unfounded. If it is not good for the people of Kashmir, why should not they ask for its abrogation early. None of the peoples representative from Kashmir has said anything positively in favor of abrogation of Article 370. Only people who are insane can subscribe the view that only BJP can understand what is good to the country and its people. The RSS and BJP(Jana Sangh) were against Article 370 right from 1950. So it is their politics. Nothing can be attributed to the good of the people. Everybody knows what is the BJP agenda behind abrogation of Article 370 against the will of the Kashmiri people.The special rights which are protected by Article 35A and 370 were those prevalent in Kashmir from 19th century on wards. So it is a legacy issue. No leaders will be a party to surrender the existing rights of the people for the sake of anything. The Congress party always respect heritage, history, legacy etc., of the people in each region. That is why the constitution made by the erstwhile leaders of the Congress party provides for SARVA DHAMA SAMA BHAVA ------ Why do so many programmers have a vertical monitor? I have two monitors, a horizontal and a vertical one: best of both worlds.The fact is that vertical monitors show more lines of code thus you can see a larger chunk of code without jumping up and down just to see the definition of a variable. If you split horizontally your editor window, the number of lines shown in each sub-window is significantly higher resulting in a much better experience. Nevertheless, there are other situations where you need to show different files, even three contemporaneous files. In such a situation, a horizontal screen is much better as you put side by side two or more windows and you still have a significant number of lines on screen.If you compare two files, a typical activity when merging code, the horizontal screen gives the best experience. Personally I run the IDE on a virtual machine on the horizontal screen (only one virtual monitor, two give more headaches IMHO) and I show the code I need to consult from GIT on the vertical monitor using the browser. Or I use other net services (like stackoverflow or google) on the vertical monitor.If I need to edit vertically, I just move the virtual window to the vertical monitor to get the best of both worlds. I tried to program with three or more monitors, but I feel it useless ------ Will Trump be impeached after Mueller finishes his investigation? Yes. It is very likely that Trump will be impeached. Heres why likely impeachment doesnt mean likely removal:All that is required for an impeachment of a U.S. President is that the House of Representatives pass, by simple majority, Articles of Impeachment which consist of formal allegations. Evidence has already swung past the tipping point for a resurgent Democrat-led House to file allegations. But, what does that mean?Of the two U.S. Presidents who have been impeached by the House Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton both were acquitted by the Senate.Step two in removing a President from office: the Senate must vote to convict by a two-thirds majority. With those odds, its unlikely that Trump will be the first U.S. President to be removed from office by impeachment . . . but who knows.**In 1868 when Andrew Johnson was impeached, the Senate was just one vote shy of the 2/3rds needed to convict. They were reluctant to remove him from office because the president protempore of the Senate next in line for the presidency since Johnson didnt have a vice president was Ohio Senator Benjamin Franklin Wade who had scared the shit of his senate colleagues by suggesting that women should have the right to vote ------ Led Zeppelin disbanded after John Bonham's death because the band could not continue without him. Do you think the same thing would have occurred if John Paul Jones had died instead of Bonham? I think the band would have continued, but would have plummeted in song and album quality. The thing about bassists is, you donu2019t really realize how integral and necessary they are to your band until theyu2019re gone, or, in my bandu2019s case, until they start writing songs. John Paul Jones was no exception- very much in the background compared to the other three. However, John Paul Jones quietly made Led Zeppelin the band it would become. Sure, early albums were dominated by Jimmy Pageu2019s heavy blues riffs and messy solos, and Robert Plantu2019s wailing vocals, but in the early 70s, Led Zeppelin evolved into something more than just raw, blues-inspired hard rock. That evolution wouldnu2019t have happened without John Paul Jones. Although Jones was first and foremost the bass player, he also played mandolin and keyboards, which opened up new realms for the band. The mandolin let them have a folky side, the keyboards let them have a sophisticated, almost progressive sound. For reference, listen to u201cNo Quarteru201d. Quite different from the crashing heaviness of albums past.They would have regrouped, said u201citu2019s OK guys, we can find another bassistu201d, released another couple albums and then said u201cwhoa, actually we sucku201d and disbanded then ------ If the Big Bang created everything, what could have created the big bang? There are many theories for this. One is the infinite loop, that our universe goes through a cycle , where there is a bang , an expansion and eventually gravity pulls everything back together to form the Big Bang again. This creates a loop with no beginning or end.Another theory is that our universe is a bud of another bigger universe. This theory states that our universe is not alone but a part of a bigger Multiverse. These universes flot around the cosmic sea as expanding bubbles. One of these universes could have been our parent universe, the universe from which our universe budded our of. The third way takes into account quantum theory. Quantum theory states that anything that can happen, no matter how low the chances , will happen , GIVEN ENOUGH TIME. Taking this into account , it is possible that the universe didnt exist , and it just sprang into existence. Because of this event has such a low chance ( but there is a chance) , it is not likely to happen very soon again.There are many other theories , although its very hard to verify them using our current technological advancement. Thank you for reading this and feel free to let me know if I made any error. We are all learning , I will learn too. Thanks again.
2021 04 09
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How Working in a Morgue Led to a Career in the Lab
Cardiovascular research is a broad field which requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. Dr Joe Boyle, a Senior Research Fellow at Imperial College London, came to the laboratory from a very different job altogether: he used to work in a morgue. In this blog, he tells us how pathologists identify the cause of cardiac death and how hes transferred these skills to help people with cardiovascular disease. Branches around the heartThe heart is a complex structure with a complex function. Like all other organs, it has a blood supply. It is supplied with a lot of blood as it does a lot of work pumping blood to the rest of the body. The heart is supplied with blood from the outside-in. Three heavy duty vessels run around the outside and roughly encircle it with a tree of smaller branches: the coronary arteries.Finding out the cause of a heart attackThe main cause of a heart attack is coronary heart disease, where there is a fatty build-up of plaque in the blood vessels called atherosclerosis. This fatty plaque can break off, forming a clot. Normally, clots are good: they block cuts and stop us bleeding to death. But in the hearts arteries, they can be fatal. If they block the vessels which supply the heart with blood, heart muscle can die. Sometimes this causes so much electrical disturbance that the heart no longer pumps blood around the body effectively and stops beating altogether. This is a cardiac arrest.After someone dies from a suspected heart attack, a pathologist must work systematically to confirm this diagnosis. They need to make inspection cuts along the coronary arteries at precise intervals to identify the so-called culprit lesion, the part of the artery containing the clot which triggered the heart attack, and then the cardiac arrest. This systematic method of coronary inspection was both pioneered and made standard practice by the BHF-funded Professor Michael Davies.The gory stuffBut what exactly are pathologists looking for during a post mortem? Often the culprit lesion will look like a smallish but extremely soft and fatty deposit in the wall of the very first- and consequently the largest-portion of one of the coronary arteries. It will mostly be made up of fat. Inflammation can be triggered by fat, and more fat triggered by inflammation, so the artery is stuck in a vicious cycle. The fat and inflammation in the artery wall can rupture, triggering a large, brown-red clot. In the worst-case scenario, this clot might be thoroughly blocking the blood supply to most of the heart, including its main pumping chamber, the left ventricle. Translating this to researchFascinated by the science behind blood clots, and shocked by the number of diseased hearts I saw during my time working in the morgue, I decided to move into research. I work on mechanisms linking fats and inflammation in culprit lesions. Specifically, Im trying to find out if a special type of immune cell, called a macrophage, can help to repair inflamed blood vessels in atherosclerosis. Two sides to a macrophageMacrophages are cells of the immune system that form in response to an infection or accumulating damaged or dead cells. They recognize, engulf and destroy target cells such as disease-causing bacteria and viruses.However sometimes macrophages can be harmful, causing serious damage in blood vessels. They assist the formation of fatty plaques in the artery walls, which can rupture and lead to a heart attack or stroke.It is therefore important to get macrophages into just the right state, where they deploy helpful tools and repair tissues with minimum collateral damage.Dangerous plaquesAs part of my BHF-funded research I studied macrophages found in heart attack-causing plaques, to see what state they are in. I have discovered that bleeds within fatty plaques lead to the development of a new type of macrophage that instead of aggravating fatty deposits, seems to repair them. I identified a master regulator gene, which, when activated, could trick these macrophages into repairing fatty deposits of their own accord.I am now exploring the pathways that activate this master regulator gene further. We have evidence that a widely available and safe medicine, currently taken as a tablet by people with diabetes, could activate this protective switch. This means it might one day be given to directly protect heart vessels from fatty build up, raising the hope of new preventive treatments of cardiovascular disease.Find out more about BHF-funded research into heart attacksEdited by Rachel Sacks, Senior Media Officer at the British Heart FoundationIf you enjoyed this blog you might also like:Read about our research into life saving heart attack testsFind out if reading our unique genetic codes could transform patient care. RELATED QUESTION Has anyone ever mocked you by saying "Ching Chong" just because you're Asian? Im not Asian. This is about a friend of mine who was a lab partner in middle-school. The teacher started things off on the wrong foot. I wasnt a fan of his in general, but he really pissed me off when he stared down the class and asked who among us went to Sunday school. When it wasnt a unanimous response, he expanded his survey to include churchgoers. My friend and I sat and stared him down. He pointed at the two of us and told us we were his heathens. Thats how he referred to us for the rest of the year. I doubt anyone would get away with doing what he did these days, but it was a different time and they had a more absolute sort of power. Bullying was widespread, almost institutionalized. Our status as heathens was a launch-point to our being the classroom punchline, which was something the teacher openly encouraged. We would protest, but he had the whole class against us. Egged on by this anti-heathen atmosphere, some stupid kid let out a guffaw at a brilliant idea hed had and sang it out loud in front of the whole class. Remember, we were thirteen. Chinese, Chinese, Chong-Chong-Chong Chinese girls last all night long That is why I sing this song Chinese, Chinese, Chong-Chong-Chong. I saw my friends cheeks turn pink and murmured to her not to listen, but she abruptly stood and knocked the lab stool backward so sharply it barked against the tile floor and made the whole class jump. The kid was pleased that he got a reaction; the teacher smacked his gum and smiled at the show. She stormed over to the boy and I thought she was going to slap him. I remember understanding the feeling but hoping that she wouldnt, because if she hit him the school would decide she was the aggressor and shed be the one to get the suspension. As if she also realized this, her raised hand turned to a pointed finger jabbed in his face and she said, Anyway, Im Thai, you IDIOT. Then she walked out. I dont know what happened, but the classroom after that was noticeably silent on matters of ethnicity. The cynical part of me doesnt credit the school coming to its senses about completely over-the-line behavior and what would amount today to hate speech. Rather, the story had probably gotten back to her father, who was a prominent local physician. He had most likely gotten involved. Social standing stepped in where common sense should have. I wish I could say the teacher stopped calling us heathens, but he didnt. He called it out to us as we left his classroom for the last time in the spring. I googled his name a while back and found out that hes been dead for years. His obituary talked about what a wonderful teacher and all-around stellar human being he was. My friend and I lost touch after high school but she seems to be happy and successful. I dont know what happened to the kid who sang the awful song. Im glad that sort of incident sparks outrage today. It never should have happened and that teacher never should have encouraged it.
2021 04 09
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What Happens If Congress Breaks the Alliance with the NCP and Shiv Sena?
BJP may try to form govt with shivsena. If shivsena bargains for more it will try to break it . This can be possible since shivsena is at the helm of affairs and tasted the power. BMC elections are near and it cannot afford to lose the Asia's wealthiest corporations to rule. Shivsena is slowly losing its sheen and Hindutva elements are not happy with the party. BJP may consolidate hindu votes that may be detrimental to sena. It may face the verdict like the one Congress had it in Bengal after aligning with the communists. Even bjp may try again a coalition with NCP. Nothing can be ruled out after all politics is about compulsion and convenience · Suggested Reading Does any former colony regret their independence? The Dominion of Newfoundlanda former British Colony brief independent Country (British Dominion) and current Canadian Province.Newfoundland was a self governing British Colony from 1855 to 1907 where it gained its Independence from Great Britain and became an independent Nation until 1949 and became Canadas 10th Province.Between these years in 1934 Newfoundland asked and received a desire to give up self governance from Great Britain. During WW1 it could be argued that Newfoundland suffered more than any other country.During the battle of the Somme The Newfoundland Regiment suffered a 90% CasualtiesThe loss of Almost all of Newfoundlands young able young men, a crippling war debt and political scandals led to the collapse of self government, with government being taken over by London.Newfoundland had its own postal service.And own currency ------ Is it as hard to choose between Biden and Trump as it was Bush and Gore? Harder.But it doesnt matter. Either way, nothing that produced this FUBAR will change with either. Trump exploits it daily beyond our wildest nightmares but Biden was one of its architects. While Biden is the only sane choice between them and will halt the insanity, his instincts r all wrong to fix our crisis that delivered this FUBAR. If he doesnt choose Susan Rice (who will harness Yovanovitch), a Russia scholar feared by Putin and more respected by the EU, he proves me right.There is a solution either way, tho. Flip veto-proof control of the Senate. Then either president becomes our bitch, whether his VP is Mickey Mike or Woky Wonk. Because removal by impeachment becomes as guaranteed asThe Sword of Damocles. This looks more doable every day. Job1 crush McConnell and we get our agenda ------ Why is Trump finding more protection than Nixon did? Because the GOP of the early 70s had plenty honorable and respected Rs - after death or retirement the late 70s early 80s took a turn for the worse - polarization exacerbated by purposely false narratives and lying campaign ads ultimately took us to the class warfare, hatred and drastically divergent perceptions of today - but to the extent we stay mired in this morass - millions of average citizens havent a clue that what they are being fed is just purposeful distraction for criming, klepting, treasoning and ruling by the transnational crime syndicate running America! I even blame Rs for purposely cutting essential services over the years hanging people out to dry and making them more susceptible to manipulation thru lies and propaganda! ------ What is the difference between irreligious and non religious? these terms are used in order to define a stateu2019s involvement with religion. Based on the degree of involvement a state (or country) can be called religious, anti religious , irreligious and nonreligious.a religious state is one which has an officially declared religion (like Pakistan, Iran etc)an anti religious state is intolerant about religion, it tends to act against religious beliefs and tends to persecute the religions. ( example : erstwhile USSR , inspired by Karl Marxu2019s u201creligion is opium of massesu201d)an irreligious state does not have any official religion and it ignores religious implications while framing policies. (example : France and ban on burkini )a non religious state also does not have any official religion but unlike irreligious states, it takes into account religious implications while framing policies . Secularism is a form of nonreligious stance. ( example : India). ------ Why do people speak so highly of World War II as if a dragon rose that day? ok why doe people call a a sword sharp if its sharp.hitler took power over germany which you probably now but he started making army advancements immediately and that was going against the treaty of the allies put on germany after ww1 but the allies were siting back saying stop that like they were fifth graders being bullied by a seventh grader. but that ended and they stood up to hitler and since hitler already had a army and experienced men to kill there enemies germany had a upper hand. your question is yearly answer because of hitler became a super power of his time which is what they call the dragon because if he won the world would be a different place ------ What would be the first Led Zeppelin song you would play for a teenager, if you wanted to introduce them to their music? Well, being that millennials have short attention spans, I would let them hear Ramble On off LZ II.Coming in at just over 4:30 seconds, Plants Ramble On gives the listener a full slate of sound and imagery and wraps up the Led Zeppelin II experience in Tolkienesque style! From the opening strums of Pages busy acoustic and Jones super melodic bass lines, the listener is transported to another time and space. One of the most distinctive songs on the LP, the song runs the gamut from mellow to fury!This was the song that got my attention! Written and recorded over several tour stops in 1969, LZ II was the groups first No. #1 album, and also one of the biggest selling records in Rock History.I bet they will relate to the Lord of the Rings influence. Haha ------ Are Irish people worried about Brexit? Do they feel protected or let down by the EU? At this time the Irish will feel that the EU are trying to protect them .but if the deal goes the way no one wants apart from the EU - trying to force policy's that the uk voted against . So when german jobs and French jobs are set to go in the 100. 000's then the EU will do what's best for them . that's when the Irish will suffer - what ever tariffs the EU put against the UK the the UK will do the same to the Irish - the rest of the EU will be free to trade amongst themselves . such a lack of long term planing -but we will see how it all turns out - ?. ------ What experience as a teen made you feel like an adult? Dear Mr Uzar in England with have a tradition that when a teenager becomes a man his father buys him the first beer then I return the favour this is my father telling me you are a man now in all respects with it comes responsibility I was proud that day and at 57years old now I still remember even now he did this with his sons, over here we call it the coming of age it is the proudest moment a son can have with his father, alas the tradition is dead now they say that the old family traditions are the best no matter what country you come from they are correct I like to thank you for requesting me best wishes to you and your family ------ When did the Russian Empire begin? Formally the Russian Empire is a brain-child of its very first emperor, czar Peter the Great (1682 - 1725) who has been proclaimed as such in October of 1721 soon after a peace treaty with Sweden that ended long and bloody Northern War. Peter's imperial title was recognized almost at once by three European kings: Augustus II of Poland, Frederick William I of Prussia, and Frederick I of Sweden, but not by the other European monarchs.That does not mean the imperialist streak in Russian politics has been born the very same moment. It has a protracted and complicated history. In any case, the modern slogan u201cThe Russian Worldu201d - u201cRussky Miru201d - has been used for the first time in XI century ------ Is it better for a child to be raised in a religious or a nonreligious upbringing? Religion provides guidelines to follow for a fulfilling life.Kids will be fine until they have no issues in life but with lack of faith inspite of having great material success kids can break down even for slightest of things like getting a bad grade.Having faith in God gives them something to fallback on when they come across some situation outside of their experience. Through their limited knowledge and understanding they perceive it as a big problem which they cannot overcome by themselves. Having faith along with a strong work ethic can help kids remain calm in the face of adversity and overcome difficult situations with ease.After a certain stage, when the kids become self-learners they may not need any specific guidance. ------ Why does Bollywood not like Punjabi people? ^^^^^Have you ever seen these Punjabi turbans?Bollywood will never show such modern glamorous turbans but will show imperfections every time where Sikhs are shown in comical roles still we see Punjabi movies justify in showing image of Sikhs in right manner whereas Bollywood always show modern Sikhs wrong. Either Sikhs are shown as Chacha or Maama in full beards with lead role shaved with haircut or entirely trimmed beard or no beard. We see Sikhs as extremists with 84 issues or clowns in Bollywood movies this really feds me up so I never see those Bollywood movies where Sikhs are shown in bad light it will automatically turn Bollywood producer into a loss and he may never show Sikhs in comical sense or will show next time better. ------ Is it true that most software developers think non-technical managers are stupid and don't want to be led by non-technical people? The worst manager I ever had thought he was technical and although Im not sure that is what made him awful it sure didnt help. He wouid occasionally pop in to help us out and wouid mess up things that we had to fix. We started giving him his own branch on every project so that his useless efforts would not impede us further. We never merged his changes in. But he was a horrible manager for a lot more reasons than that.I have had good and bad managers of both stripes. It really comes down to their ability to manage people, both in the team and probably more importantly outside of it. You want a manager that advocates for the team and not what is best for themselves politically ------ What does it mean for Trump when the main thing he has always touted to show his success was a rising stock market and the stock market has as of today lost all of the gains it had made during Trump's presidency? What does it mean that the stock market was doing great for the first 3 years and then taken to its knees by a pandemic that started in a country that we were already at odds over having a strangle hold on America?NOTHINGWe know that Trump is the better of the two candidates to rebuild our economy and to force critical industries out of China and back into the boarders of the US. Trump was already doing this, and NOW people who thought he was nuts understand that he was correct.WE HAVE TO MOVE PRODUCTION OF CRITICAL TECHNOLOGY AND PHARMACEUTICALS BACK TO THE US. This is not an option. China fucked over the world the entire world. Things can not go back the way they were ------ Why did the Australian Federal election held on May 18, 2019 produce such a surprising result? Obviously the fourth estate got it wrong again. Probably because they are more concerned with influencing public opinion rather than actually gathering decent information on what views the voting public actually holds. Once the publishing media professionals actually had a position of power when newspapers, radio and television were where the public mostly heard the latest news. Now anyone with access to the Internet an a modicum of appeal can create a blog on the Net to be viewed by possibly millions. People no longer trust the news and those that freely give out their opinions are probably just repeating some other half-baked tweet that the have read. The thinking person tends to keep his thoughts to himself and therefore is not considering in the surveys.
2021 04 09
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Connected Things Report: Using Extended Reality in Smart and Connected Offices Market for 2023 ($46
Smart Office Market by Product (Smart Lighting/Lighting Controls, Security Systems, Energy Management Systems, HVAC Control Systems, AudioVideo Conferencing Systems), Software & Service, Office Type, and Geography Global Forecast to 2023The smart office market was valued at USD 22.21 Billion in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 46.11 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 12.94% between 2017 and 2023. Factors such as increase in demand for smart office solutions and sensor networks for energy efficiency, advancement of IoT in smart office offerings, growing need for safety and security systems at the workplace, and favorable government regulations in several countries are driving the growth of the smart office market. ABB and Cisco Systems are the Top 2 Players in the Smart Office MarketSome of the major companies operating in the global smart office market are ABB, Cisco Systems, Crestron Electronics, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Philips Lighting, Lutron Electronics, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and United Technologies Corporation.Top 2 players in the smart office market:Siemens is one of the major engineering companies in Europe with branch offices located worldwide. The company is primarily engaged in the electrical engineering and electronics business. It offers products, services, and solutions for the effective use of resources and energy. The company operates in the following segments Power and Gas, Healthineers, Energy Management, Digital Factory, Process Industries and Drives, Mobility, Building Technologies, Wind Power and Renewables, and Financial Services (SFS). The company follows both organic and inorganic growth strategies to advance in the smart office market. Download PDF Here: marketsandmarkets. com/Market-Reports/smart-connected-offices-market-254310598.htmlIt has been a key player in the automation sector for several years. The company invests considerably in the R&D of new concepts and technologies in smart office market and focuses on improving its existing product portfolio. The companys strategy is to deliver integrated architectures, solutions, and outcomes to help customers grow, manage costs, and mitigate risks. Moreover, its strategy is also to make customers more dependent on technology, especially on smart technology, to meet business objectives and ensure market competitiveness.The company was formerly known as Schneider SA and changed its name to Schneider Electric SA in May 1999. It mainly operates through four business segments Buildings, Infrastructure, Industry, and IT. The company engages in the design, development, and sales of products, equipment, and solutions related to the metering, management, and use of energy in France and internationally.Its buildings business segment provides assistance for industrial or commercial buildings to become more energy-efficient using automation and security systems (programmable regulators, centralized building management systems, camera sensors, and security monitoring equipment). The segments product offerings include security systems, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) controllers, sensors, valves and actuators, programmable regulators, centralized building management systems, space optimization solutions, access control, video cameras, and security monitoring equipment. The company also focuses on strategic collaborations, agreements, acquisitions, and partnerships to strengthen its core businesses.For instance, in August 2017, Claroty (an innovator in Operational Technology (OT) network protection) and Schneider Electric entered into a partnership to address safety and cybersecurity challenges for the worlds industrial infrastructure. For more information visit: marketsandmarkets. com/Market-Reports/smart-connected-offices-market-254310598.htmlContact:Mr. Shelly SinghMarketsandMarkets INC.630 Dundee RoadSuite 430Northbrook, IL 60062USA : 18886006441
2021 04 09
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Molding and Casting Products in Plastic Injection Molding
Die casting, as it is generally understood, is a process for producing engineered metal parts. The process contains forcing molten metal under high force into steel dies or molds that are reusable. These diets can be designed to generate complex shapes with a stunning accuracy as well as repeatability. This process is preferred by many industries today because of some its benefits over plastic molding. It can be said that it generates powerful and more durable parts with closer tolerances. Additional, die cast parts have bigger resistance to high temperature and posses superior automatic properties. This procedure constitutes injecting molten plastic under top force into a mold or die. Die casting machines are generally rated in clamping tons, indicating the quantum of force they are able of exerting on the die.There are 2 types of machines are their only general difference is the methods used to inject molten plastic into a die one has a warm chamber and the other a chill chamber. A full cycle can change from less than one second to 3 minutes depending on the size of the wanted product. This makes it the quickest method for producing precise plastic or non-ferrous metal parts.Injection molds China | Injection molding ChinaIt needs to be stated it is an economical, well-organized process providing a broader range of components and shapes than any other producing technique. The key benefits can be summarized as: high speed production capability/ hard shapes within close tolerance limits/ promised dimensional stability and accuracy/ finished products are warm resistant and sturdier than plastic injection molding of equal dimensions/ multiple finishing methods / end products can be simply plated or finished.For more information visit here regards it can be said that die casting procedure sturdier, more durable parts with nearer tolerances. The construction of casting dies is almost the same to that of molds for injection molding. Die cast parts have bigger resistance to great temperature and posses superior electrical properties. Matched with plastic injection molding, die casting excellent help stop radio frequency and electromagnetic emissions. For chrome plating, die castings are much more well-matched than plastics.Custom Injection molding China | Mold Making ChinaThere is no denying the science and art of transforming plastic resins into helpful products or parts has had a wonderful impact on industrial and commercial spheres. Injection molds can be pretty costly but if wanted part quantity is bigger, the mold cost will become affordable in the long run. Some molds are definitely made with different cavities, these multi-cavity mold leads to increase production competence and the cost per part are very much minimized
2021 03 23
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How Do Plastics Serve Us in Our Daily Life?
For quite a long time, we have known various types of plastic creations. A sharp ascent over the utilization of plastic has been found in the recent years.Plastics prove to be a competitive material against metal. It gives an extraordinary resistance and flexibility like the metallic items. To be thorough, it is extremely turning into a profitable material over metal. The uniqueness of plastics is, they are lighter than a metal and are less expensive from the point of expenditure. This is the reason plastics are favored by various enterprises in the place of metals and metal compounds.Plastic fabrication reflects its capability to be a part of the advancement by developing new compounds and reducing the dependence on our natural resources. Thus, we can also say that plastic is a blessing from technology and poses as a shield to lower the dependability on natural resources which are already at an alarming depletion rate. The simplicity of the fabrication process makes it easy to bring innovative designs to reality. Later, they are used for various purposes depending on our requirement. Some of the processes that are included to create this reality are laser cutting, line bending, bonding, mechanical cutting, welding and many more. These fabrication processes are generally done by independent manufacturing firms; they are the fabricators.Plastic is also used to create storage tanks as it is highly resistant to chemicals. Thus, due to its tolerance power, many chemical industries are happy to lower the manufacturing cost in their respective fields. The utilization of plastics in therapeutic and general wellbeingThe assortment of plastics is incredible in the field of medicine and public health. The syringes that are used to inject medicine are a good example of benefited use of plastics. The prosthetics, and micro-needle patches are all impossible without polymer. Moreover, our daily usage products like dishware, cups and glasses, food packaging, personal care products have all been replaced with plastics instead of glass, metal and fibre. Disposable products like latex gloves, dialysis tubes, and intravenous bags are much cheaper today and also provide safety to patients. It also saves time from the busy schedule of a doctor as plastics does not require to be sterilized like other equipment. As we move towards future, these progressions are a reasonable proof that we will see utilization of plastic items essentially in each part of our life
2021 03 23
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Steps to Make Plastic Mold
This is a process of making plastics parts through injection of molten plastic products at a very high pressure into a metal mold. Just like any other plastic molding, after injecting molten plastic into the mold. Then its cooled, and opened to unhide solid plastic part. The following steps will make injection plastic mold successful.1. Determine the Mold AbilityBefore you make a decision to move forward with your project, first determine whether the injection molding will work or not for all parts you are trying to make at the end of production.2. Find workable plasticFind plastic based on the targeted end plastic molded products you want to make and how its to be used so as to get the expected outcome of the products you have input. 3. Determine the ShrinkageImmediately after plastic has been injected in the mold, it begins cooling causing some certain amount of shrinkage. Thus, this should be determined before the time to enable registering it in mind so as to apply it as injection plastic molding is in process, thus resulting in a perfect size and the product you preferred to get at the end of it.4. Determine the GatesGates are the areas in injection molding where the plastic is poured. Make sure you select the gates which will not affect the final product but to maximize a good injection.5. Decide on the Quantity you needDetermine the products to be used depending on the size of the mold. In this, the quantity of products to be used depends on the quantity of the mold you expect to get at the end of it. 6. Determine the Mold SizeYour final product is the determiner of the mold size required. Thus ensure you have the mold which will enable its production as well as allow shrinkage so as to get the best product.7. Determine the Press SizeThe press needed is determined by the size of mold to be produced. Press is specifically needed so as to hold the mold during plastic injection process.Therefore make sure you have the best one for the job.8. Design the MoldAfter all the above named processes and the decision reached at, you can now apply knowledge as you design your expected mold product. 9. Build the Mold NowAfter you are complete with the design, as well as knowing the press size required, build the mold which will meet the specifications you have set.10. Debug the MoldAfter running the initial plastic injection, inspect the first prototype. During inspection, check errors, if any found, go back to the building step and do correction where necessary. 11. Quality ControlAs you put the mold into production, make sure the quality check is carried routinely to ensure there is consistent and the mold is doing well as per the time goes.If you want to do any job, make sure before beginning determine are the needs of the end product. Approach your project in a methodological manner just like the above discussed, since it guarantees putting all your best details into all steps thus resulting in a better end product.
2021 03 23
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